New Sage Bass 2 Fly Rod – Review

I got the chance to test out the new 2012 Sage Bass II Fly Rod today at Salt Creek in Illinois. Let me start with saying that im glad that Sage kept the same overly colored look and feel of the Bass series rods. Personally I really enjoy it. Reminds me of my first pole, an old Eagle Claw.

This is no pole. The Bass 2 is a real stick, but not “sticky” like the old one. The original Bass rod was overly stiff, stiff because it was cool to be stiff. In order to actually make good accurate casts, 30 feet of line was need to even flex the rod. If your cast was shorter than that you had to settle for whatever.

These issues have been laid to rest. The rod is deadly accurate in-close under 30 feet, as well as at distance. You do not sacrifice lifting power with the softer tip, just a whole lot more accuracy. The overall weight of the blank has been significantly reduced and the feel of the rod has been improved as well. This means even the lightest bites are better detected and you end up with more bass at the lip. Heavy flies or light flies land with precision where you want them. The additional hike in price is totally worth the benefits.

In a short few hours on the river I landed Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Crappie, Bluegill, and even a carp. Im happy to sell my old Bass rod to anyone who wants it because the new Sage Bass 2 is far better.

Find out more about the Sage Bass II, here.