With the lighter mornings, FRA is launching our NEW summer hours.  Starting today, throughout the rest of the summer, FRA is open at 7 am Monday – Saturday.  We know you are getting up early to go fishing and we want to be open to help you be prepared for your day on the water.

  • Monday-Friday  7am-6pm
  • Saturday 7am-5pm
  • Sunday 10am-4pm

The week looks promising for good fishing as well.  Here are some reports from our guides who were out over the weekend.

Boulder Creek: 85 CFS

“It looks like we have seen the last snow and it is starting to warm up. That means the fishing is also getting hot and they are feeding on the bigger bugs.  We probably have a short window on Boulder Creek before the water comes up.  With a nice warm forecast, the fishing should warm up in the morning and be productive all day. George, Hanna, Caroline, Emily, Elizabeth and I went out to Boulder Creek for a mid day fishing trip and found great success. The water has come up and is a hint off color but the visibility is still good. And the fish are actively moving to grab food out in the faster currents. We concentrated on the upper canyon using a dry dropper set up. Working dries included Chubby Chernobyls, Hippie Stompers and JC Specials. We kept the sizes smaller since it is earlier in the season, so 14 to 16. We had a few takes here and there but the bigger fish seemed to be more willing to take the fly. Working nymph for today were Beaded Pheasant Tails, Rainbow Warriors, Brushhogs and Frenchies. All of the sizes I used were in the 16 to 18 range. I used 16 inches of tippet from my dry to ensure that the nymph sank deeper where the fish seemed to be held up. Overall the creek was fishing great and the dry fly action was picking up tremendously.  Be sure to stop by the shop for you gear and book a trip with us.” ~Adam Spoerl

“Boulder creek is still fishing great, PMD’s are starting to come off so If you see fish starting to come up to the surface throw on a single PMD parachute or something sort and have some fun. Dry dropper rigs with a terrestrial on top and a larger nymph below are still crushing fish. Above the falls, water is still very slow, everyday gets a little closer to spilling though, soon enough.  Swing by and take advantage of our new summer hours” ~George Gumerman
adam 3       adam 2        adam 1

Big Thompson below Lake Estes – 125 CFS

“Big T is fishing great in the canyon. Fish will take the occasional larger nymph PT #16 and the occasional take on a small terrestrial. Nice PMD hatch around 11am had the fish looking up for about 1.5 hours. Purple poison tongue, zebra midges, and juju beatis #20-22 were also catching the fishes attention.” ~George Gumerman


“RMNP was a bit tricky, the water seemed cold. We were hooking fish on worms and frenchies in the deeper water. Lower Glacier creek is fishing pretty well, make sure to get the flies down to the fish though. Small PT’s and olive zebra midges were working well.” ~George Gumerman

“Moraine fished well on pink squirmy and big prince nymphs. Water high but clear. Fish pushed to the banks. PMD hatch mid morning. Fall River fished great on pink squirmy. Water lower but clear. Cub creek fished poor. Water very low and clear.” ~Nick DelVecchio

Clear Creek and Bear Creek

“On Saturday May 21, FRA repeat client Mike Parsons got what were certainly some of the last licks on Clear Creek and Bear Creek until after runoff. Conditions were challenging especially at Bear Creek where it was barely high but very murky. A couple Browns were caught Euro Style.  In Clear Creek the water was considerably clearer and the day and again Euro Style took most of the fish using a Jig Head Prince and a Frenchie. A couple on top with a Hippie Stomper. Fished the top of the Canyon. The park in Idaho Springs and Spring Gulch Road. By end of day 20+ fish to the net, a new technique learned and Mike can’t wait to come back after runoff.” ~Wallace Westfeldt
new summer hours