News from the Salt

After 8 days in Belize chasing Tarpon out of Plencio I left for Florida for the last week of May and all of June to fish for Snook off the beaches.  Its been a pretty tough proposition as a result of stormy weather, dredging operations in Blind Pass that are killing visibility and constant SE winds.  Not many fly fishermen are scoring but some of the spin fishermen are picking up occasional fish on white bucktail jigs bumped along the bottom 30 to 40 feet from shore.   If you’re fly fishing you need heavily weighted closer and an intermediate sinking line or sinking head.  The big female are right on the bottom and with just a few inches of visibility it has to be right in front of them.

This fish was taken by my fishing partner, Pete Squibb, on a white marabou Clouser style with a collar of gold/bronze flash.

Last night we had a tropical storm that dumped about 2 inches of rain but the winds didn’t let up as they normally do meaning no fishing in the evening.

Things can only get better