The lucky winner of last month's quiz is Ron Volk. The correct answer was: B) having their fishing gear confiscated. Ron gets to take home a TFO Finesse fly rod of his choice.

SIMMS Pac-Lite Pullover
– stay dry in the worst rainstorms

Unless I’m going to be relatively near my car I always carry rain gear on a fishing trip.  I’ve got some high-end/heavy duty gear but its not particularly convenient to carry along.  We've got a product on sale from Simms that’s just the ticket.  It’s a super light, super packable pullover with good breathability.  Unlike a lot of these lightweight jackets, it's totally waterproof!

A super light, super packable Pullover featuring the latest Gore-Tex® PacLite® fabric technology with enhanced breathability.

-Waterproof - Extreme Wet Weather rated by W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.
-100% nylon rip-stop outer fabric Nylon, 3/4 length zipper
-Adjustable waist, cuffs and hood
-Easily stows in self-contained stuff pocket
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According to Howell Raines, author of "Fly Fishing through the Midlife Crisis", who invented the artificial fly?

a. Cretans in 3400 b.c.
b. Macedonians fishing the Astraeus river
c. Eygptians fishing for carp on the Nile
d. Britons fishing the rocky rivers of Southern England
e. Brad Pitt on a river running through Montana

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