Night Fishing the Toilet Bowl – Trouble on the Pan!

Who among us doesn’t like to throw a double Mysis rig to some large fish at night when traveling to the roaring fork valley? It almost seems like a tradition when im on a long weekend to the valley, I at least like to try and do one night there, its just fun, have a few drinks, share some laughs, and get shots at 10lb fish. Who wouldn’t like doing that?

Well now imagine this….One of our customers Ben shared his night fishing experience with me the other day over at the fly bins.

“We rolled up to the bowl around 1:30am and saw two other cars at the parking lot, we knew that they were going to be in our hole, but thought we go up and just see how they were doing. As we got closer we saw four guys with spinning rods, snagging fish. The kicker was when they tossed them over their shoulder into the coolers against the fence. There had to be twenty or so in there already and their snag rate was impressive to say the least.
After sharing a few words that are not appropriate for blogging, we got back in the cars, hauled ass to the sheriffs station and informed them of the situation. They were as appalled as I was and ran out the door to serve some justice. With the plate numbers in hand we saw the cars winding down the canyon and the sheriff pulled one car over and the other one took off, lucky radios work up there, because the cops were waiting for the other car in town.
After getting tickets for an illegal catch, no license, and being a dick, the sheriff said that they took 32 fish out that night. I can only hope the worst for them, it was one of the hardest things to see all those fish dying on the side of the river.” ~Ben

Wow…Then you wonder why your last trip to your favorite river you caught more fish and bigger fish. Behavior like this can not be accepted anywhere on any body of water!

A big thanks goes out to Ben for putting down his rod and getting after these poachers. We gave Ben a big thanks and sent him home with a fist full of Mysis for his next trip up there, better luck next time.

Keep em in the net, not the cooler…