Nymphing Techniques — Watch Out!

Bad technique can land you one of these! Bummer…

As the summer season comes to an end and the fall colors start to fade, anglers are forced to look to sub-surface insects as the primary source of trout food. Last weekend one of my good friends from Chicago Andy Rosenthal, came out and we spent the weekend on the Taylor and the East rivers around the quiet mountain town of Crested Butte (although when we finished up late Saturday night it was a different story). Andy, someone who hasn’t spent a lot of time throwing a lots of lead and I offered up a few tips.
Slow down, lots of weight means that you have to control things and the best way to reduce tangles and hang ups is to make slow deliberate casts. Keep your line short, move up to the fish and make sort accurate casts that go in front of the fishes face. And make sure not to bring the flies across your body, if that means casting over your opposite shoulder, please do it. By doing this you will achieve a better drift and reduce the chances of catching yourself!

Bad Placement yields bad results.

Often self surgery can be the best way out, your buddy will do a hack job and like it.

When it comes together.