Meet Our Guide Team

Front Range Anglers fly shop is located on historic Pearl St. at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. We offer guided fly fishing trips for trout in Boulder and along the entire Front Range. Plus, we specialize in fly fishing trips into Rocky Mountain National Park, where anglers can catch the beautiful greenback cutthroat trout. In addition, based on our owner, Steve McLaughlin’s love for travel, we have garnered quite a reputation for our Adventure Travel Program hosting and booking anglers to Christmas Island, Alaska, Belize, Mexico and more.



Antonio Rodrigues


Antonio is a highly decorated competitive fly fisherman from Portugal. He is a multi-time national champion of Portugal, and has been a member of the Portuguese national fly fishing team since 2002. He is highly decorated and regarded as one of the best fly fishermen in Portugal. On top of that he has years of experience guiding and coaching fly fishing techniques from beginner to advanced anglers, as well as serving as coach of the Portuguese National youth team. He is also the founder of the Portuguese Fly Fishing Association and served as the Vice president of the Portuguese Sport Fishing Association. A day on the water with Antonio would consist of a great learning experience, as much as it would a fly fishing experience.

Jackson Temme


Jackson is a Colorado resident of 15 years and is currently a sophomore at CU Boulder. He has
been fishing since he was old enough to hold a rod. He loves targeting all sorts of fish species on the fly, but is most at home on high
alpine lakes and streams chasing Colorado’s native cutthroat trout. He is a staunch
conservationist, and volunteers often with Colorado Parks and Wildlife. He is admittedly a bug
nerd, and loves teaching people about the different types of bugs that trout eat. He became a fly
fishing guide so that he could share with others what he feels is the best way to connect with the
beauty of Colorado’s natural environment.

When he is not guiding, Jackson can be found fly fishing, skiing, hiking, and working as the
head of conservation for the CU Boulder Fly Fishing Club.

Adam Spoerl

Guide Services Manager

Adam has been living in Colorado his whole life and was born with a sense of adventure and a fishing rod in hand due to his Grandpa and Granddad. He started fly fishing when he was 11 years old and continues to have a great passion for the sport and loves conveying the excitement and mental therapy fly fishing has to offer. In addition to being FRA's Guide Service Manager he is also Thomas & Thomas Pro!

His fishing mottoes come down to 3 different aspects; no cast is a bad cast unless you hook yourself or someone else, a human is like a fish, why run when you can walk and “no man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river, and he’s not the same man”- Heraclitus.

Alex Hoskin


Alex grew up in Denver with the Rocky Mountains as his playground. As a youngster, Alex could be found all over the Front Range fishing, hiking, skiing, and camping. It wasn’t until he moved away for school and work, however, that he realized how much he loved and missed catching fish on the fly, especially in the Rockies. He brought his fly rod with him on many of the adventures that took him away from Colorado for the better part of six years, from Oregon to Boston to Uganda to Zanzibar, but nothing compared to waking up early, driving up into the mountains, and chasing monster trout on Colorado rivers. So, after fishing out all of the lakes in Rwanda, his last home away from home, and ensuring there were no lost trout in its streams, Alex returned to Colorado to do what he loves in the place he loves most. When he’s not fishing, Alex can be found coaching and playing rugby or hanging out with his two Rwandan street dogs.

Amber Hernandez


Amber is a 4th generation Colorado Native, 2nd generation in Boulder, she is an alumna of Boulder High and Metro State in Denver. Some of her best childhood memories are of family camping and fishing trips, exploring all the beautiful places Colorado has to offer. Amber learned to spin fish from her dad when she was young, and began her fly-fishing journey years ago; originally as a way to escape from work, find peace and reset her connection with the natural world, but 3 years ago she fully realized her passion for it. “Fishing is an awesome hobby because there are so many different types and techniques to learn. I know this journey will be life long and so far, it’s been a great ride!” Amber decided to become a guide of course to share her love for angling with her clients, but also hopes to encourage more Women and People of Color to join the sport.

Andrew Zentner


Andrew’s background begins in the beautiful city of Chicago. Growing up with a rod in hand, fishing in the big city, has allowed him to gain a wide range of fishing techniques. After moving to Boulder to attend the University of Colorado, Andrew transformed his old skills to enclose a more scientific approach to fishing. Since then, he loves pursuing the best bite throughout the western United States. From small trout fly-fishing on high alpine creeks, to aggressive muskellunge on a fly, he’s gained an array of knowledge on many of North American waters including wild Colorado rivers. To compliment his great attitude and expertise in fishing, he will coach you to perfect your presentation on Colorado waters.

Anne Reid


Hi, I’m Anne Reid! I am a mother of two wonderful daughters and a volunteer firefighter at the community of Lyons. I have been fly-fishing most of my adult life. My introduction to the sport “just happened” on a camping trip on the Cache La Poudre River. After hooking a beautiful brown trout, I fell in love with the iridescent orange spots and the excitement of pulling the fish out the flowing water. I’ve been fortunate to meet others along the way that share the same passion I have for the sport; we have been allowed to share this excitement, knowledge, passion, and fun in the form of guiding. I guide mostly women clients.
Fly fishing has become a sport that can be shared with friends and family or celebrated on your own. It gives us the opportunity to see some beautiful areas of the world and have some great fun getting there!

Anthony Bottagaro


Anthony was born and raised on the front range of Colorado and developed a love for the outdoors at a young age. He is going into his junior year at the University of Colorado studying Environmental science. Anthony grew up fishing along the front range and quickly became obsessed with fly fishing for trout and other species that inhabit Colorado’s waters. His favorite thing to do is adventure into the mountains for a few days at a time in search of big trout. Along with fly fishing, Anthony enjoys skiing , tying flies, and camping. He hopes to share his strong passion for fly fishing with others and educate people on our valuable natural resources.

Bobby Ziegler


Robert (Bobby) was born in St. Louis MO but moved to Boulder Colorado when he was young. He immediately started getting involved in fly fishing because of his dad and grandpa who taught him how to fish. Bobby is a sophomore at the University of Wyoming studying business. What pushes him is his drive for adventure, he will never pass up a long road trip or a hike in the forest. When he is not fishing you can find him skiing, hiking, or playing baseball for his school. Bobby is proud to work at a place where he can do what he loves fly fish and be outdoors.

Charlie Berg


Charlie is currently a Senior at Colorado State University pursuing a BS/BA in Finance and Real Estate with a certificate in Leadership in Organizations. Charlie was born and raised in Minnesota fishing and hunting with family and friends and started fly fishing when he was 12. Charlie grew up around the lakes of Minnesota and Wisconsin but calls Colorado his second home living in Fort Collins and fishing the Front Range for the last 4 years. Charlie has a passion for teaching others about fly fishing and the outdoors and how important these resources are to us. When Charlie is not fishing you can find him traveling around the west to find some great skiing, camping, and any other activity that involves being outside.

Charlie Schaefer


Charlie spent 18 years in New Jersey before finally moving to Colorado. He had gone to Colorado since he was a child to meet family and fly fish on occasion. In 2019, he moved to Colorado to attend Regis University. His passion for fly fishing came into his life strong in the fall season of 2021, fishing every day the weather conditions allowed safe driving. After putting hard work into learning the intricacies of trout, he decided that offering that knowledge to others was very rewarding and joined Front Range Anglers. When Charlie is not on the water, he details cars and cooks gourmet meals on occasion.

Chase Stewart


Chase is originally from Mississippi, so bass and panfish are his forte. When he was in high school, he got a chance to go to the White River in Arkansas, and after only one day of watching a couple of fly fishermen wear out rainbows on streamers, he decided that the fly rod would be his next challenge to pursue. Through his many years of fishing, he has found that fishing with flies is definitely the most thrilling way to catch most every fish he has gone after, and also the most productive!

Christian Krauss

Christian is a full hearted outdoor enthusiast and has had a life long passion for fishing. Roughly 10 years ago he picked up his first fly rod and has never looked back. He often says, "the best part about fly fishing is you can always learn more and become a better angler." Before becoming a fishing guide, he spent a lot of time teaching friends, "because everyone should try fly fishing at least once!" When he is not guiding, Christian spends his time fishing, biking, skiing, and exploring the great state of Colorado.

Daniel Hogarth

Head Guide

Daniel is a Colorado native who’s been fishing ever since he could hold a rod, mostly with his grandfather. Even when a rod was not available Daniel would often ruin a perfectly good pair of school shoes by wading into any nearby creek or lake in search of any aquatic creatures, much to his parents ire. After serving in the army Daniel tried fly fishing and has been hooked ever since. When not fishing Daniel spends time with his wife and 3 wonderful children, who he’s also taught the art of fly fishing.
Listen to the sound of the river and you will catch a trout -Irish proverb

David Steinberger


David has been fly fishing for over 30 years now. He learned back east on the Housatonic in Connecticut, and the fabled Catskill rivers (Beaverkill, Delaware, Neversink). David has a couple of biology degrees, including one from CU Boulder, so he knows enough about the bugs trout eat to be dangerous. He’s also a bit of a traditionalist as a fly fisher (but not a curmudgeon), preferring slower rods and old-school fly patters – heck, if trout ate them 40 years ago, they’ll eat ‘em now too. David is always happiest when he’s on the water, be it a small mountain creek or one of the well-known big Colorado rivers.

Drew Watson


Drew began his fly-fishing journey as a teenager in Oregon where he enjoyed the challenge of fooling trout into eating artificial flies that were imitations of their natural foods. After many years of city life where fly fishing opportunities were limited, he was reacquainted with the sport he enjoyed as a youth when he moved from Washington, DC to Colorado and began devoting time to his fly-fishing passion.
Drew enjoys guiding because it affords him the opportunity to introduce clients to beautiful natural locations and help them hone their angling skills.

Eric Pennington


Eric grew up in north Texas fishing for bass and other warm water species. At an early age he and his grandfather got into the world of fly fishing taking trips in search of trout in Colorado and other spots around the country. Fly fishing mostly the northern front range and into Rocky Mountain national park, Eric fell in love with Colorado. “ I love everything about it, the western history, the mountains, the fishing! Being out there on a mountain stream can be so rewarding, no matter if you’re fishing or just taking in the scenery.” Eric is a huge history nut and enjoys telling stories about the areas he’s guiding. In 2021, Eric with his wife, son, and two dogs made Colorado home. When he’s not guiding, Eric can be found camping, hiking, and of course fly fishing.

Jacob Shanesy


Jake is a native Minnesotan that picked up fly fishing originally because he couldn't afford a boat. After realizing that fly fishing is more of an obsession than a hobby, he decided to move to Colorado to chase bigger trout and other opportunities in the Centennial State. He decided to become a guide to share his love for a lifelong passion and connection to the outdoors to others.

John Brown

Guide Service Coordinator/ Adventure Travel Coordinator

John is a Colorado native and has been expressing his passion for fly fishing since he was 5 years old. His biggest inspiration and teacher is his father who helped him learn this amazing sport. John is currently a 5th-year business student at CU Boulder and is apart of the CU Fly Fishing Club. He hopes to be able to share his knowledge and passion with others no matter their experience level. “Every time I am on the water, I learn something new, whether it is a new technique or a valuable life lesson. I want to help others enjoy the beauty that our state has to offer while sharing my own knowledge about my biggest passion that is fly fishing.”

Luca Gillespie-Brown


Luca has been fly fishing since he was 6 years old. He got his first real fly rod for his 13th birthday and has spent most of his free time ever since trying to find new water to throw a fly at. He loves exploring streams and rivers for hard fighting wild trout and finding new fly patterns to tie. Luca is a senior at San Diego State University majoring in Biology, Anthropology, and Sustainability and hopes to use some of the skills he’s learned to help preserve the fisheries he loves into the future. He hopes to share his passion for the outdoors and fly fishing with others as much as possible.

Mark Haley


Mark is currently a junior in college, pursuing a BS in Computer Science at the University of Colorado. Mark grew up in Longmont, CO and has been fly fishing the waters of the Front Range for as long as he can remember. He loves to share his knowledge with anglers of all abilities and share in the beauty of Colorado fly fishing with all of his clients. When he isn’t out fishing himself, he keeps busy by playing his guitar and adding to his ever-expanding vinyl record collection.

Matt Decker


One of Matt's first memories was catching a rainbow trout with his dad just outside of McCloud, California where his family originated. The Decker family lineage is full of fly fishers, dodging logging trucks in the pacific northwest, in search of Steelhead. Shortly into his childhood his family moved to Michigan, where he spent most of his adolescence fishing for warm water species in Jon boats. In 2011 Matt moved to Colorado and was re-acquainted with flowing rivers full of healthy trout. Matt's favorite part about fly fishing is the places it takes him. "No matter where you are and who you're with, a day is made great with a fly rod in hand." When Matt isn't guiding he enjoys volunteering with river conservation advocacies, home brewing his favorite craft beer, and spending time on his drift boat.

Mike O’Shaughnessy


Mike O’Shaughnessy is an east coast native from the Washington D.C. area. He grew up spending summers surrounded by the lakes and streams of the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York. He is a senior at the University of Colorado Boulder studying information science and an officer of the CU Fly Fishing Club. He has a passion for spending time in the mountains and rivers of Colorado chasing the many trout species the state has to offer. Mike loves sharing his passion for fishing and time spent in the wilderness. He enjoys getting to know his many visitors from around the world, and hearing their stories. He believes each guiding opportunity brings a unique educational opportunity in fishing and conservation for both the guide and the visitors. When not guiding, Mike is also an avid skier chasing western storms in the winters or otherwise finding ways to enjoy the captivating mountains of the west.

Paul Jett


Paul grew up in Iowa and is now a resident of Colorado. Since his mid-teens, he has enjoyed fly fishing
the driftless areas of northeast Iowa, and traveling to Colorado multiple times a year to visit family and
fish the front range. In 2020, he, along with his wife and two Labrador retrievers, decided to call
Colorado home. When not guiding, Paul utilizes his master’s degrees to work with a dental organization
writing their operations and leadership training. He has a passion for the outdoors and teaching others
how to fly fish and be an ambassador for the environment and our valuable natural resources.

Rachel Donati

Guide Services Coordinator

Rachel grew up in California but learned how to fly fish in Upper State New York as a young child with her mom and grandpa. She is a fifth year geology student at CU plus a member of the CU Fly Fishing Club sponsored by Front Range Anglers. Her passion for fly fishing is based on "you never know what's going to happen when you’re on the river." You can always learn something new and I love being able to share that experience with people when I’m guiding. It’s always fun to take people out on an adventure whether they are 1st time anglers looking to enjoy a day in the mountains or an advanced angler who looking for new locations to fish.

Rob Kolanda

Guide Expert Techniques * Shop Specialist * Sage Elite Pro

Rob is a Colorado native who has been guiding, instructing and managing in the fly-fishing industry for the past 25+ years. He is FRA's Shop Specialist, current Sage Elite Pro, and prior member of Fly Fishing Team USA.
Rob began to fly fish on the small streams of Rocky Mountain National Park and Lower Big Thompson area in his late teens. In addition, to being an accomplished freshwater angler/guide/instructor he is also an expert in saltwater fly fishing and teaches FRA's Introduction to Saltwater Fly Fishing classes.

Stacy Green


Stacy grew up fishing the Flamingo Bay flats in Florida. After moving to Colorado in 1998, she found her passion for fly fishing. She continues to be amazed by the endless amount of learning that fly fishing offers, about fishing and about life. Every trip to the river offers a chance to learn something, especially about ourselves! She loves sharing her excitement and passion for the sport with others, and seeing people connect with nature in a meaningful way. One of her greatest joys has been teaching her own children to fish. When not on the water, Stacy works as a physician in her private medical practice in Boulder.

Tim Neering


Tim is a Colorado native and has been fishing the front range since his early childhood. The thing Tim loves the most about fly fishing is the way that it connects him closely with the natural world. He also finds that the fly fishing community in general bridges generation gaps effortlessly. Tim loves guiding any skill level, and guiding allows him to show others how to enjoy our sport and get the most enjoyment out of their precious free time.

Tyler Jaskey


From Steelheads in the Deschutes, to Brooks in tiny Vermont streams, from Browns and Rainbows in Penns Creek and the South Platte - Tyler has had the opportunity to live and fish all across the U.S.
Starting from an early age, Tyler has been fishing for over 20 years and 10 years ago found his true passion with fly fishing. Since moving to Colorado, Tyler has been able to turn his passion into a career as a guide. Most of Tyler’s favorite areas to fish involve a climb to over 10,000 ft. elevation, but he also loves trips to Boulder Creek and the Big Thompson. While Tyler has not met a fish he didn’t like, you can find his favorite fish ( a Colorado Native) tattooed on his left forearm.
When not on the water, you can find Tyler at his bench tying; everything from streamers to size 30 midges. One of his favorite things about guiding is sharing his knowledge and expertise of fly-tying with his clients. Tyler enjoys teaching every skill level, and every day he can make a client happy with a few fish- to-hand, while sharing his love for the sport, is a great day.

Wallace Westfeldt


Wallace is a Boulder native and has been fly fishing around Colorado most of his life. He has been a kayak instructor, whitewater river guide, and a baseball coach. Ten years ago, after a successful career in high tech, he decided to spend more time on the water. In addition to guiding, Wallace teaches Introduction to Fly Fishing classes, and hosts Salt Water trips. “My Dad took me fly fishing on the Roaring Fork when I was 8 years old. Fifty years later, I’ve discovered helping folks hook into fish with a fly rod can be as much fun as catching them yourself.”

Will Blair


Will has had a passion for fly fishing for many many years! He has transitioned his passion into a full time career for the past 26 years. Starting out as a guide in Bristol Bay Alaska then advancing into Adventure Travel Sales for Kamchatka, Russia to eventually owning The Best of Kamchatka in 2004. His time and experience on the water is second to none. He is thrilled to be guiding on his home waters of the Colorado Front Range and into Rocky Mountain National Park.

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