Our Top 4 Bonefish Flies for Christmas Island

It’s no secret that when you head to Christmas Island (Kiritimati) that you’re going to catch a TON of bonefish. This is one of the many reasons that Christmas Island is such a fantastic place for the budding saltwater angler (and experienced anglers alike). When you arrive at your first saltwater flat, you’ll be met with plenty of cruising bonefish. But which fly should you start with. Well, keep reading and you’ll see which flies we can’t live without on the flats of Christmas Island.

Christmas Island Special


The Christmas Island Special is really simple. It’s just a flashy body with a tan wing. However, don’t let simplicity deceive you; it catches a ton of bonefish every day at Christmas Island. Our favorite colors are pearl, orange, and pink!  This is a fly that the guides will reach for first and foremost!


CXI Worm

The next fly is our FRA Christmas Island Worm. This fly is a must have on sandy flats where the worms are most likely burrowing. Not only does the CXI worm catch bonefish, but it has also accounted for many triggerfish as well! The best colors are green, red, and UV tan.


Mantis Shrimp

The main species of shrimp on Christmas Island is the mantis shrimp. They vary in size from an inch in length to over a foot! Having a few of these in your box, with and without a spawning spot, will be essential to catching the larger bonefish.



Lastly, the Promiscuous is a relative newcomer to our bonefishing arsenal.  Along with the CXI worm, the Promiscuous is also know for landing triggerfish as well.

All of these flys are available in the store and in our Christmas Island Large and Small Fly Boxes.  If you’re headed to Christmas Island with Front Range Anglers, these flies are a must have for catching bonefish!  Contact our Adventure Travel Team [email protected]com or [email protected] or call the shop 877-935-2975 with questions or to book!