Pecos River, New Mexico

Pecos River, New Mexico.

I’ve heard a lot about this stream with all its public access but have never visited until now. Although in another month the salmon fly hatch will be in full swing, the fish were still taking big stonefly patterns. The water was a bit high and off color but when you’re using large flashy stoneflies, anything is possible. Just an hours drive from Sante Fe, this is a great destination with plenty of campsites in the national forest it passes through. It is a barbless hook area, and we were checked immediately by a warden on this account so it appears the fishery is managed which is great to see. I don’t mind getting checked by wildlife officers who are trying to maintain a fishery. This was a much better experience than when we were pulled over by a police officer on our way to the stream. The law was watching us carefully that day.