Picking Pockets on Boulder Creek

One of the most productive ways to fish Boulder Creek is to hit all the small pockets on the far side of the creek with a high floating dry fly that can remain buoyant in fast water.  To get a drag free float use a short line mostly leader (I use a 7 1/2 tapered 5X) and a long rod (a Hardy/Greys Streamflex 10-foot 3-weight) which can hold the line above the current.  The best approach is either directly across stream or a cast angled downstream.  Bank foliage means youy will be roll casting.  The 10-foot Streamflex is particularly good at handling these casts.  You can add a bead head dropper but I don’t bother for two reasons.  First, I want to catch the fish on dries.  Second, the dropper gets hung up and just complicates the process.  In two hours of fishing this morning I caught and released some 30 fish.