Platte-Rogers Park Restoration

Today I had the privilege of getting a first glance at latest Boulder Flycasters project, the Platte-Rogers Park Restoration. So what does two years of planning and $250,000 get you in Boulder County, a lot. This new half mile section of Boulder Creek has received a face lift to say the least. What was once shallow riffles and barren of fish is newly renovated and has every feature that you could think of, plunge pools, perfect riffles, deep runs, and glassy tail out sections that will explode with dries during a hatch. This water is sexy for lack of a better word; don’t expect an Even G. Fine Park type of habitat, this water looks and fishes like a canyon creek should, but better.

Within a half hour of fishing I pulled out four fish, remember this is only days after there was a backhoe driving down the river, not too bad. I also had the privilege of being one of the first anglers to wander the entire half mile stretch with a rod in hand. I ran into Mark Riley and Roger Svendsen two of the Flycasters who made this possible and got to hear first hand about the project and the future this stretch of water.

At 104 CFS there were spots where the bottom was hidden from view, creating habitat that will winter over some bigger fish. Even when spring runoff hits this will be the spot to go, and when we hit the dog days of summer and the flow drops to 40 CFS this section will hold fish. A 10 minute drive up the canyon drops you at the Platte-Rogers Park area where browns, brooks, and bows live.

It is now up to us, fly fisherman, to educate the fish and keep them in the river before the folks with bait come and clean up what should be in the water. Check it out it’s in great shape and waiting for some traffic.