Lake Fishing on Private Water

Private water offers anglers several different advantages.  The main perk of private water for me is seclusion.  It allows you to get off of the beaten path, escape crowds, and have a piece of water for just yourself or your group.  The other advantage is less fishing pressure.  Of course, this is not true with all private water, but for the most part, private water gets fished less and sees fewer anglers each day.  Private water does not always fish better than public water, the fish are not always bigger, but the seclusion aspect of it is always there.  FRA has several really cool private water options that are fishing great right now.  With the high water, these lake fishing options could mean the difference between a great day and a challenging one.  Hire a guide for a day and reserve your private water day as run-off runs its course.  We have experienced lake fishing guides for those anglers wishing to up their lake fishing game, learn Loch Style fishing, or just pick up a few more fish catching skills.

Silver Valley Lake  Silver Valley

About an hour from Boulder lies Silver Valley Lake, tucked off of I-70.  This hidden gem provides anglers with an intimate lake fishing experience, and the chance at some really big fish.  Both bank fishing and belly boat fishing can be productive and a variety of tactics can be practiced here. Recent reports have good dry fly fishing, with both midges and callibaetis.

Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch –

FRA Guide Wallace Westfeldt with an awesome SDR bow.

Another destination that is within an hour of the shop.  Sylvan Dale Ranch (SDR) provides anglers with the opportunity to bump into fish 20+ and greater, in a beautiful valley lake.  Hooking, and landing good fish in SDR is not always an easy accomplishment however.  These fish are big and smart, and will test anglers patience and skill.  With that said, it is a great place to learn the tactics for fooling big, smart trout.

Empire Lake –

One of my personal favorite properties, Empire Lake is a great place to learn how to fish lakes.  The insect life in the lake is great and there are a ton of minnows, making the fish quality here very good.  Recent reports have anglers putting up good numbers and catching some really good fish.  Streamer fishing has been great here with awesome, explosive takes.

Shawnee Lake – Shawnee

A lovely spring-fed 6-acre lake that nestles between the North Fork of the South Platte River and Hwy. 285. Wild browns and hard-fighting freshwater Donaldson Steelhead populate the lake with average sizes of 14 to 18 inches but there is also the possibility of hooking fish in excess of 20 inches and 3-5 pounds.  Our guides who have been on it lately are itching to get back out here.


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