Fly Fishing Colorado’s Front Range


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* More than 55 great fly-fishing destinations – near Colorado’s largest cities

* Accurate maps and directions, plus photos and illustrations

* Extensive aquatic entomology – specific to the Front Range

* Detailed hatch charts and regional fly patterns

* Compact, comprehensive bestseller

The South Platte, Cache la Poudre and Big Thompson rivers are just a few of the many destinations explored by this comprehensive guide. Tailwaters, wild rivers, backcountry creeks and magnificent alpine lakes – discover them all in Fly Fishing Colorado’s Front Range.

Detailed chapters include unique descriptions, illustrations, charts and photos of the most common Front Range insects and productive fly patterns. The book features unique insights into the region’s aquatic entomology and fishing techniques. Fly Fishing Colorado’s Front Range also offers advice on year-round fishing, the best gear and tackle, and other points of interest to fly anglers.

Originally published in 1999 and now revised and expanded, here is the ultimate guide to fishing the myriad, historic trout waters of Colorado’s Front Range.

A portion of sale proceeds will be donated to The Nature Conservancy and Colorado Trout Unlimited.


Part One: Lay of the Land
1. “What a place to cast a fly!” 3
2. Front Range Trout and Trout Fishing 19

Part Two: Trout Foods and Flies
3. Foods and Flies for Front Range Trout 29
4. Front Range Caddisflies 33
5. Front Range Mayflies 53
6. Front Range Midges 73
7. Front Range Stoneflies 83
8. Front Range Terrestrials and Other Trout Foods 93

Part Three: Destinations
9. Front Range Fly-Fishing Destinations: Travel Notes 103
10. Fort Collins Region 107
11. Loveland-Longmont Region 133
12. Longmont-Boulder Region 149
13. Denver Region 163
14. Denver-Colorado Springs Region: The South Platte River 169

Appendix: Front Range Fly-Fishing Resource Guide 193
Bibliography 201
Index 202

“…Masterfully shows us more good local fishing than we ever imagined.” – Rocky Mountain News

“The author gives excellent information on the prevalent insect life and the flies that imitate them. The book details many smaller waters that most anglers might otherwise miss.” – Denver Post

“Hosman masterfully shows us more good local fishing spots than we ever imagined. Caution: If you carry this guide in your car, you’ll always be late getting home for dinner.”
– Rocky Mountain News

“I found a half-dozen new fly patterns I’m anxious to try and two dozen new creeks to fish. I’ll never again schedule a Front Range business trip without taking a fly rod and this book.” – Roger Hill, author of Fly Fishing the South Platte River.

“ – A long-overdue book, thoroughly researched and loaded with information. It is a must for any angler interested in learning about Colorado’s Front Range fishing opportunities.” ” Brad Befus, Front Range Anglers, Boulder, Colorado.

“If you’re going fishing anywhere on the Colorado Front Range, start your trip by reading a copy of Hosman’s book.” – Taylor’s Bookshelf

“This book would make an outstanding library addition for anyone living in the area or planning a visit to our local waters.” – Angler’s Edge, Colorado Trout Unlimited

Todd Hosman
works as a writer, musician and fly fishing guide. He is also the author of Fly Fishing Rocky Mountain National Park. He lives near Boulder, Colorado.