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Simms Guide Windbloc Half Finger Mitt


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Our hands are our most valuable tools, and you don’t need to be a seasoned veteran to appreciate the functionality of bare fingertips while fishing. Our Guide Windbloc® Half Finger Mitt serves to warm and protect your hands while allowing full fingertip dexterity for tying knots and rigging tackle. Heat-pack pockets in the wrist help keep hands warmer longer without compromising grip or dexterity.



Men’s Sizes Width* Length*
S 7.5″ – 8″ 6.75″ – 7.25″
M 8″ – 8.5″ 7.25″ – 7.75″
L 8.75″ – 9.25″ 7.75″ – 8.25″
XL 9.5″ – 10″ 8.25″ – 9″


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