Quincy Reservoir Grab Bag

On Sunday I went out to Quincy Reservoir with a group of friends to target some trout and have a friendly competition. The lake had recently been stocked with a heap catachable size rainbows. I figured everyone was in for a workout pulling in stockie after stockie. In an effort to make it more interesting, we decided to stay away from the damn were the fish were dumped in. Instead we headed over to the East side of the Reservoir to try and find some larger holdover fish.

We did manage a few trout each, but the bite was very light an inconsistent to say the least. What everyone did manage to catch was a wide variety of fish species and even a few nice smallmouth and largemouth. These fish hit with a hard thump and bull dogged around the bottom for a while before coming to hand. I got 2 nice smallies in a 3 hour session and many of the other guys got a few this same size as well if not a little larger. The SA Wet Tip fly line in a type 3 kept my flies jigging along the bottom the entire retrieve. The slower the retrieve the better for the coldwater temps out there. The best part about the smallmouth catches were that we were using small trout flies on a trout rig, one even took a chironomid pattern!

It was a great day to spend on the water with friends and the pair of these nice smallmouth were a welcome bonus!

Get out there, cast a line, and see what happens!