Roaring Fork Baetis

Submitted by Andrew Midwood

Over the last couple of years I have spent more and more time fishing the Roaring Fork between Aspen and Glenwood. I must say, I have come to love the Fork for its beauty and raw nature. The Fork demands that out of town hard-boat drifters have their act together when they get on the river both in terms of rowing and in relation to their fly selection. Although I have been fishing and floating the Fork for years, I am always surprised by the ever changing macroinvertebrate selection and my lack of knowledge concerning pattern selection for this river. OK ….I know that you can through on a 20-incher, or a San Juan and beat them up pretty good but, I am talking about that specific patterns that increase your catch rate by 60 to 100%. In specific, I am talking about matching the baetis hatch with Rob Kolanda’s new Pandemic Mayfly BWO sz 20-22 (comercialy tied by Solitude).

Your old P-Tails and Copper Jim/Bobs can take a hike. If you really want to slay browns, bows, Colorado River cuts and even the elusive mountain white fish tie on one of these bad boys and have some fun. Incidentally this pattern kicks ass in many other undisclosed locations this time of year and again in the fall. Also…checkout the STD baetis tyed by Will Sands (Taylor Creek Fly Shop) and produced by Umpqua.