Roaring Fork Valley Fishing Update

I was at a CTU conference in Redstone over this past week end and had a chance to do a bit of fishing.  Water flows on the Crystal, Roaring Fork, and Frying Pan are extremely low.  The Crystal was beginning to cloud up on Sunday.  I haven’t seen it this low and clear towards the end of April in 10 years.  The Fork and the Pan were very clear.  I’m told that the flows in the Frying Pan should be reasonable most o the summer due to the condition of Ruedi. Almost 100% of the fishing was done with a two nymph rig with the trailing fly no larger than a 16 with a copper colored bead.  The Colorado River appears to be in great shape for floating and fishing – much clearer than it was two weeks ago.  I saw a number of guide boats on the river below Glenwood.