Roaring Fork Vally Report

A foolish rainbow falls victim to another bead-head hook. Pissed off and strong he was landed near 3 Mile Creek.

You need to trust that your first choice is usually the right choice. This lesson has been taught to me on the water and in life. With reports of the Roaring Fork as “silly” it was determined the valley would be the obvious choice for the weekend getaway. I began to second guess the decision upon finding out the I-70 West and East was closed by a rock slide in Glenwood Canyon and that the only way into the valley was a 200+ mile detour. This is the moment that led my mind to wander of other possibilities of monumental fishing opportunities.

My finger landed on the Colorado River near Kremmling the ice should be gone and the fish ready to eat.We hit the dirt around 11pm and cracked a few fresh coors that were stashed in back and cheered to thought of big browns in the morning. It was a few minutes later that we actually saw the river…10 feet of big thick white shelf-ice covered both banks. Tails between out legs we hopped back in the car and drove off towards Glenwood.

Typical brown from the confluence of the Fork and the Colorado.

By 10am the next morning we were killing fish on large rubberlegs, prince nymphs, and a rainbow of midges under clear skies and 60 degree temps. I knew that the Fork was the right choice but it took failing to completely understand that my first reaction is the one that must be trusted and followed.

A fresh looking rainbow from near Carbondale.