Runoff = Focus on Warmwater Fishing

Years ago when runoff started I stayed home and complained about the lack of decent fishing. Now I look forward to May and June because it’s when I concentrate on Bass, Crappies, and Carp. Frankly, this interest in warmwater species extends right through the entire summer. If you’re not taking advantage of this kind of fishing your missing out on a great opportunity that’s readily available to everyone along Colorado’s front range.

“I don’t know where to go” is the refrain I hear. Here’s a couple of starting points. If this doesn’t work or you’ve got questions stop by the shop. Every staff member fishes the warmwater lakes this time of year.

This is the current brochure from the DOW in a PDF format
Interactive DOW map

The list of available where to go guides on-line or in hard copy is endless.
The pictures above and below were taken over the last several days on lakes surrounding Boulder County