RX for Picky Carp

On Saturday I stopped in at the shop to pick up some Yak Hair (absolutely great stuff..if you tie for saltwater its a must have item and we have it in every shade) and noticed a fly pattern Rob Kolanda was tying. I leaned over and picked it …. he commented “it couldn’t get much simpler than this. I’ve been using this quite a bit and its a solid producer.” I told him I really liked the profile of the fly and made a mental note to tie some. This morning I tied 1/2 dozen and headed out around 10:30 am or so. Here’s the result.
VSCF Recipe (Rob’s is probably pretty close to this…I didn’t ask)

Hook: TMC #3761 size 8
Weight: Lead wrap 3/4 of shank
Thread: Brown UTC 140
Legs/Antenna: Montana Fly centipede legs speckled brown small. Note 4 @ the tail & 2 in the center
Body: Crawdub from Wapsi. I like to mix several colors together – Orange (10%) , Mud Brown (20%), and Rusty Brown (70%). Apply in a split thread dubbing loop, pick it out and shape with scissors.