Safari ~ Denver Style

Finally Boulder/Denver got a wave of warmer weather, and with cabin fever getting the best of me, Russ Miller and I decided to take a day of and go explore the South Platte in Denver. The weather was amazing, hot, partly cloudy, and no wind. We established that the main goal
for the day was to find a few urban trout.

We ended up some where south of Denver in the industrial district. After searching for a bit we found a spot that looked very promising. A nice run, lots of structure, and really good holding water was not enough to help us find fish here. Bail! Turning or back on “good looking” water we decided to grab some lunch at a very busy Chick-fil-a, and come up with a new plan of attack.

Deciding that closer to the damn below Chatfeild might be a little better for trout we continued to go further south. Finally we came across a area that had some amazing structure and what looked like good quality trout water. We beat up the water pretty good, and came a across a fat plump Rainbow that took a Red San Jaun worm.

Bam! This was in the first 10 minutes of fishing or so we thought we were set for the rest of the day. As we continued to work water trekking through the willows and whipping stretches of quality water, we only rolled one more fish before the sun went down.

All, in all it was a good day to go out and explore new water. That being said, I feel that this stretch holds the promise of good fishing and is worth going back to for another try.