Sage X Fly Rod vs Sage One Fly Rod

Often, one great innovation leads to another.

The Sage One fly rod was the first to set the precedent. Lightweight and incredibly accurate, the Sage One allowed for the innovation of the next step in fly rod technology from Sage. All of that technology and innovation has gone into the creating of the next evolution in fast action graphite fly rods: The Sage X Fly Rod. An all water graphite rod that gives great flex from tip to grip while simultaneously reducing tip wiggle, leading to commanding cast accuracy. When comparing the Sage X Fly Rod vs Sage One Fly Rod, it really comes down to the feel of the rod.

Sage One Fly Rod: Setting the Sage

The Sage One is like many fast action fly rods on the water. It is a stiff rod from the butt that gives way to a softer tip. The Sage One fly rod separated itself by being lighter and incredibly accurate, due to the Sage One’s quick recovery and Konnetic material arrangement, which eliminated tip wiggle outside the intended casting plane. This allowed for further command of distance and presentation in any environment. Furthermore, the same Konnetic material technology in the Sage One fly rod set the stage for further graphite fly rod innovation. Enter: The Sage X fly rod.

Sage X Fly Rod: The Best Get Better

The Sage X fly rod is a fast action graphite rod that flexes much deeper than was typical of any previous fast action rods. In fact, the most common comment coming from customers when casting the Sage X fly rod for the first time, is that they can actually feel the Sage X rod flexing all the way down to the grip. It does this without compromising line speed or accuracy, and with less relative energy required than the Sage One by evolving the technology of the groundbreaking Sage One fly rod into the all new Sage X.

The deeper flex achieved by the Sage X is also conducive to roll casting and long line stack mending, doing both exceptionally well. The Sage X fly rod contains KonneticHD Technology performance graphite, allowing for greater precision in addition to greater flex throughout the rod – a unique combination placing the Sage X fast action fly rod above any other graphite rod on Earth.

Experienced anglers agree, the Sage X fly rod commands the water like no other rod.

“Aside from being able to make all the casts, the X might be the only fast action rod I have fished that actually protects light tippet and small flies during the fight extremely well,”  

Rob Kolanda, longtime instructor of Fly Tying 201 with Rob Kolanda at Front Range Anglers


Flexible in Rod and Uses

For Saltwater anglers, the gap between superior distance and precise presentation on the water has been of concern for similar all water fast action fly rods. Sage X bridges the gap between distance and presentation with superior loop control. Any flats or inshore fisherman would benefit from the Sage X fly rod’s ability to load quickly without compromising down range performance or unbelievable accuracy.

sage x fly rod x marks the spot