Sages of Summer

With the upcoming Sages of Summer Event on August 24, 2013 featuring Jerry Siem (Chief Rod Designer) and Diana Rudoph (Sage Consultant and 7-time IGFA record holder) it might be informative to know a bit more about Sage and its philosophy.  A story written by Tristan Baurick, Wisdom of the Sage: Fishing rod maker flexes with the times, for the Kitsap Sun is worth a read.

“Sage is moving to Poulsbo. Sage is moving to Renton. Sage is moving to China.  Travis Campbell has heard all the rumors. After three decades of manufacturing high-end fly fishing rods on Bainbridge Island, the growing company is cutting costs, packing up, and moving on — or so the stories go.  “I don’t ever see us leaving Bainbridge,” said Campbell, Sage’s president. “At the end of the day, I think we can make a better product here.”  Sage is a rare thing in America today, and an even rarer thing on Bainbridge: a company that actually makes stuff” Read full article