San Juan Trip – Report = Success!

FRA just ran its first trip down to the San Juan in New Mexico this past weekend (2-27-11) and we had a blast. There were 6 of us down there and we did a combination of walk wading and floating through out the river. Abes fly shop took care of our needs and provided guides for a group float on Saturday. We lucked out, we got to fish the day before a front rolled in, so we had gray skies on saturday and solid fishing all day long. The beatis came out to say hello while the midges were crawling all over everything as well.

A big thanks goes out to all who attended, I wish we could have fished more! And to those of you who did not sign up this year, make it a point to come along next year.

Running laps in the Texas hole. A San Juan Tradition, and you get to watch all your buddies pounding fish time and time again. Its hard to hold back a few smiles.
Born and Raised on the river. The guides from Abes are damn good, they know what time you need to be at Beatis bend to hit the thickest part of the hatch.
Pound em! Eggs, leeches, and 24-26 midges were the ticket in the Am. Tim working on landing a fat bow.
The famed Texas Hole. Even with all the boats, there are at least double the boats on the water than pictured, the fish dont seem to mind the pressure. The bite comes in waves and its not uncommon to see 3-4 boats d0ubled up in here.
These guys (beatis or BWO’s) showed up on the overcast day at about ~1:30. What fun.
And a extended body BWO from Solitude did the trick to fool the 5 heads that were rising along the bank.
I would say that we gave these fish a run for their money. One of may doubles that were landed this day. Lots of high fives between friends and guides were shared today.
When I got tired of catching fish with my nymph rig, I went leechin. Super fun. The new pattern that I whipped up pre trip paid off in browns.
Who says that you cant catch big fish on size 24 barbless flies? Red was the ticket to getting the bite, but holding fish is a whole different story.
Sunday, just before it started snowing, the fishing got hot then got cold on many different levels.

Midges all day every day…

See you all on the river soon.