Saturday March 30th – Join us to see two Boulder fishing legends!

Gordon Wickstrom and Rob Kolanda

Two Boulder Fishing Legends!

Our final Saturday presentation of the season is one you won’t want to miss! On Saturday March 30th you will have a unique opportunity to hear from two sides of the same coin.  On one is Gordon Wickstrom, the steward of Boulder’s fly fishing history. A man who grew up in a sleepy little college town and entered the sport via a 1939 Christmas gift – a restored, eight-foot bamboo rod and a new South Bend Orenomatic automatic fly reel. On the other side is his great friend Rob Kolanda, a leading edge enthusiast of the sport using techniques that reflect an international flavor. Rob aggressively pursues any species of fish that might be inclined to take a fly. Both were born and raised here and share an abiding love of fly fishing and the wonders that surround it.

Gordon Wickstrom Rob Kolanda
Gordon Wickstrom is a WWII Navy veteran, a graduate of Stanford with a Ph.D., a college professor, and a serious student of Shakespeare. For more than 60 years, when asked about his occupation, he always stated “I’m a fisherman that teaches school and stages plays.” But Gordon is far more than these things. He’s contemplative about where things are headed, and reflective about where they have been. He’s an incredible resource about our fly fishing history and a voice to be heard through his writings. His books, Notes from an Old Fly Book and Late in an Anglers Life are classics about why we do, what we do.

On Saturday Gordon will share with you his thoughts on writing about this wonderful sport.

Members of the fly fishing industry, our customers, and Colorado fly fisherman in general either personally know or have heard of Rob Kolanda and his prowess as a fisherman and fly designer. He grew up in Colorado and currently resides with his wife and family in Longmont. Rob has made a living guiding, instructing, and managing a variety of fly fishing operations for 18 years. He has been a member of Fly Fishing Team USA and part of Front Range Anglers Management Team for some years.
Rob’s competitive angling successes include numerous medals and high place finishes in competitions across the US.

On Saturday Rob will be discussing and demonstrating some of his new fly designs.

The presentation will start at 10. Get there early to get a seat after you grab some fresh coffee and a doughnut!

– The FRA Team