Saturday Signature Series and Saltwater Saturday

Learn different skills and patterns every week! Join us on Saturday mornings to see some of the best tyers around spin up their signature patterns. Each week will offer up instruction, patterns, and techniques for tyers of all levels. We guarantee that you’ll learn something new at each and every one! We will see you there with fresh coffee and hot patterns for Colorado and beyond.

This week we will feature Al Ritt.

Al began to tie flies in the early 80’s as has continued his passion ever since.

Stop by the shop on Saturday the 18th, from 10-noon and watch Al spin up some bugs. We will also have coffee and donuts.

Saltwater Saturday Featuring Legendary Keys Captain Bruce Chard

There is no doubt fly fishing the flats is one of the most incredible experiences you can have as an angler. The smell of the briny sea in the morning while wading the flats can keep you warm through a cold Colorado winter. Even though Colorado is landlocked in the middle of the country, the ocean is always close to our minds. To help scratch our saltwater itch we’re excited to throw our 5th annual Saltwater Saturday, December 9th, 2017.

Salt Anglers of all skill levels will find something to learn from our local saltwater experts.

Are you new to the Saltwater game? We have excellent saltwater strategy presentations starting at 9 a.m. by Captain Bruce.
If you need to fill a fly box– Don’t miss the Bruce Chard Tying presentations all morning long. Bruce has been a full-time Florida Keys fly fishing flats guide gaining 24 years of experience and counting
Is your Gear Ready?– If the saltwater gear’s been in deep storage during the trout season bring it in and we’ll perform a once over to make sure it’s ready for those bruisers of the flats.

Intro to Fly Fishing Class Sunday, December 3rd, 2017 from 9 a.m to 1 p.m

The purpose of this introductory course is to provide a beginner with the most basic look at the world of fly fishing. This class is for the “never ever”.

The class is a one day, four hour class that begins with 2 hours of classroom instruction at the shop, covering knots, basic rigging, the basics of dry fly fishing and nymphing, and learning the basics of entomology.  The cost of this class is $80.

The second part of the class is conducted at a nearby park and students are taught the fundamentals of casting, simulated drifting, simulated landing, and river etiquette.

Equipment is provided if needed.

Graduates of this class will be equipped to set up their rod and reels with the correct combination of line, leader, tippet and flies for fishing most conditions, and will learn the fundamentals of casting.  Seats are limited to 6 students per class.


Upcoming Events

  • 11-18-17: Saturday Signature Fly Tying Series: Al Ritt
  • 11-25-17: Saturday Signature Fly Tying Series: Scott Thompson
  • 12-02-17: Saturday Signature Fly Tying Series: Josh Graffam
  • 12-09-17: Saltwater Saturday with Captain Bruce Chard
  • 12-16-17: Saturday Signature Fly Tying Series: Tom Ziegler
  • 12-23-17: Saturday Signature Fly Tying Series: Wallace Westfeldt