Saturday Signature Tyer and Weekend Outlook

This Saturday, at 10am, we are pleased to have Thomas Ziegler as our signature tyer. Tom specializes in spun deer hair patterns for both warm and cold water species. If you have been wanted to learn more about spinning deer hair, or refining your hair spinning techniques, then this is the tying demo for you. Spinning deer hair for flies is as much of an art form as it is a versatile technique, and Tom is one of the best.

If you cant make it to the tying demo, or would rather spend the day our fishing, we recommend checking out the Arkansas below Pueblo Reservoir.

Winter Storage flows are in effect for the Arkansas and the water has been clearing up nicely. This is nice tailwater section where the weather is typically a bit warmer then the rest of the surrounding front range area. We have been hearing good reports of BWO hatches. The go to set up would be some sort of nymph rig with 2-3 flies using 5x or 6x fluoro tippet. For the first fly, try running some sort of attractor such as a #12-16 egg pattern or #12-16 pink worm. Trailed below that should be some sort of baetis or midge pattern. Successful second flies would include #18-22 RS-2, Jujubaetis, Barr’s Emerger, Rootbeer Baeits, Rojo Midge, Olive Zebra Midge, Black Tailwater Tiny or a Top Secret. Switch over to a dry fly rig when you see consistent rises, usually between 10-2pm. Your dry fly rig should be a 9ft 5x leader with a foot of 6x fluoro tippet. Good dries to try would be #18-22 Parachute Adams, Parachute BWO, Ben’s BDE, or a Zion Sparkle Dun.

Good Luck this weekend if you decide to get out, and if not, we look forward to seeing you here tomorrow at 10am!