Save South Boulder Creek

Do you want to see winter flows in South Boulder Creek? Want to eliminate the fall fish kills when flows go to zero at the end of the irrigation season? Then you need to participate in the public hearings Denver Water has scheduled for public comment regarding the enlargement of Gross Reservoir. Normally, we would not be supporting the creation or enlargement of dam works but this project is an exception. Denver’s enlargement of Gross Reservoir is for storage of existing Denver water rights. As mitigation of the flooding of public lands, Denver has agreed to provide a 5,000 acre ft. environmental which will be used to create minimum winter flows on South Boulder Creek. The cities of Boulder and Lafayette are drafting an operational agreement which will provide 7cfs from Gross to South Boulder Rd. through the winter months. The agreement will also provide a minimum of 3fcs all the way to the Middle Boulder Creek confluence. This section of the creek has been dewatered for over fifty years. Detailed below is the Denver Water press release. Please come out and show your support and create a lasting legacy of instream flows for South Boulder Creek.

Please plan to attend the meeting in person Tuesday evening or send comments to the blog we can print and present at the meeting.

Larry Quilling

BFC President