Scott Day Recap and Flex Rod Winner

A big thank you to Jim Bartschi, the Scott Rod company, and for the many customers that made Scott Day possible.  We had a great turn out.  If you didn’t get to hear Jim speak, you missed out on a great history of the Scott company and how fly rods have evolved.  After Jim’s talk, there was a Q&A discussion on how rods are designed and made.  It was very interesting to learn that a quarter turn of material is all that separate the 905 and 906 Radian.


Above, Jim is discussing the finer points of different ways of rolling graphite to get the different actions of fly rods.


A few anglers testing some of what Scott has to offer.

_MG_3921 copy

Congratulations to Jeff from Ft. Collins for making it down and being one of the first anglers to own the new Flex.

Thanks again to all who made Scott Day Possible.  We thoroughly enjoyed having everyone come down to the shop.