Self Discovery — Rocky Mountain National Park

As fishermen we are naturally a techy breed, we fish the best gear to help get the largest fish in the river. The more years that pass, the more we invest in equipment; rods, flies, and all the gizmos and gadgets that fly fishing has to offer. We turn our nose up to small rivers knowing that they won’t hold the biggest and the baddest fish. Some even take time off during these summer months to hold out for the fall run of massive lake run browns, despite all the amazing hatches the pop all summer long.

Now is the time to take advantage of the summer weather and leave behind all the gear and hype, and just fish. It’s easy to forget just how much fun it can be to get out and explore a river with a single dry fly. Try and resist the temptation to add a dropper because these fish are eager to take offerings up top. Leave behind your clunky waders and upgrade to pair of swim trunks and wading sandals. Take a hike; enjoy the feel and temperature of the water, look around at how the streams and glaciers cut the beautiful valley, and enjoy the rich colors of the wild fish that call the river home.
Rocky Mountain National Park is in perfect condition and awaits your arrival. This is the way to spend a day rediscovering why you started fishing in the first place. Grab a light rod, your small dry box, and a snack; then you can start to connect with the amazing resource that Boulder has in its backyard.