Shawnee Lake

With the water quickly rising across the State, many anglers and guides begin to look at lake options this time of year.  If you like lake fishing and want to experience a few private water gems, now is the time to do it.  If you have always wanted to learn how to fish lakes effectively, run-off provides a good chance to try something new.    Simply put, lake fishing on the fly is a blast and one of the best ways to scratch the fishing itch when your favorite trout stream is high and muddy.   Check out a recent report from FRA guide Adam Spoerl on Shawnee Lake, one of our favorite spring lakes to fish

“Today Jim, Gene and I trecked out to Bailey to fish Shawnee Lake and man were we not disappointed with the results. Overall we landed at least 30 fish and lost many more. All of the fish were above 16 inches and a couple over 20. It was not only a huge workout to get the fish to the net but also to keep our belly boats straight due to the massive gusts and constant wind.
Overall the conditions of the lake were good; very clear and cold.  The fish tended to be holding mostly in the deep water near the drainages but some nice 18 inch rainbows were pulled out in shallower water.  Working patterns consisted of mainly streamers but there were a couple nymphs that worked well. For streamers we used any color sculpzillas, black woolley buggers, leeches and bellyaches. Slower strips were key to getting the fish to eat. Nymph wise, red copper johns, pheasant tails and smaller midges worked great either letting them sit there or slowly stripping them in. Be sure to stop in and ask about our private water so you can have a lake to yourself and catch some really nice fish!”   -Adam

Other FRA stillwater’s in addition to Shawnee are also picking up.

Silver Valley Lake can be ballistic this time of year.  Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch continues to rebound from the 2013 floods and the trips we have had there have been awesome.  Good spring fishing on the lakes is something we have come to expect from SDR and it hasn’t disappointed us yet.  Empire Lake would also be worth checking out.

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