A Fly Fishing Guide to Colorado’s Indian Peaks Wilderness Area


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Over 100 fishing destinations in Indian Peaks Wilderness Area (IPWA)have been detailed with topographic maps, trail profiles, fishing tips, destination notes and photographs. The 160-page book contains over 100 vivid full-color photographs of the fly fishing destinations in the IPWA. The book contains 14 pages of charts and tables containing detailed river and lake data, hatch charts and hiking trail information. The book also contains over 50 local expert and guide favorite fly patterns not found in other books. It is packed with information about every water in IPWA containing fish. It is the most complete and thorough book ever written about fishing one of America’s most popular Wilderness Areas.

Author Biography
Steve Schweitzer was born in Ohio and spent his younger years and teens fishing his parents’ farm pond for bass and bluegill. At age 7, his grandfather taught him the craft of lure-making and he was ‘hooked’ ever since. Now, an avid fly fisherman and noted fly tyer, Steve has taken to writing about the sport of fly fishing and the art of fly tying. For his most recent book, “A Fly Fishing Guide to Colorado’s Indian Peaks Wilderness Area”, Steve and co-author Mike Kruise spent nearly 4 years and hiked a 1000+ miles combined to visit every fishable destination in IPWA. Steve also authored the award winning “A Fly Fishing Guide To Rocky Mountain National Park”, released in 2011. Steve spent over 10 years hiking and fishing in the Park, collecting notes and taking over 8,000 photographs for the book. He is also contributing author and illustrator to the book “Drag-Free Drift – Leader Design and Presentation Techniques for Fly Fishing”.