Show Dad just how special he is!

A whole weekend just for the fathers out there! Father’s Day undoubtedly spurs great memories of times past. Whether it’s the time Dad packed up the family for that first cross-country road trip or that time he let you cast his prized fly rod, his impact on your life deserves more than just one special day.

In his honor, we’re having a special event that spans the entire Father’s Day weekend! From special events to special deals, there will be something that every dad will enjoy!

Meet the father of modern fly lines

Join us on June 14th and meet the most widely acclaimed fly line designer in the world, Bruce Richards. His three decades of work at Scientific Anglers revolutionized fly line design and manufacturing and continues to have a profound effect on fly fisherman worldwide. He is often considered the father of today’s modern fly lines.

Bruce will be doing a presentation on the fly-line materials and processes used to make today’s modern lines, including the new SharkWave lines, as well as what the future holds. He’ll follow that up with a dynamic casting presentation that will show why he’s on the board which determines how fly casting instructors world-wide are certified. His casting abilities are not to be missed!

Father’s Day Event Schedule
9:00a-11:00a Door Buster Deals
10:30a-11:30a Bruce Richards Presentation: SharkWave Tech Talk
11:00a-2:00p Moe’s BBQ – $1 sliders and sides
11:30a-12:30p Bruce Richards Presentation: SA Current and Future Product Lines
12:30p-1:30p Bruce Richards Presentation: How to Select a Fly Line
2:00p-3:00p Bruce Richards Casting Demonstration
3:30p-4:30p Bruce Richards Presentation: SA Current and Future Product Lines
Come and enjoy some Moe’s Original BBQ!

Become “Numero Uno”

If you really want to put a smile on Dad’s face, help fuel his passion! A FRA gift card will allow him to get exactly what he wants and will secure your spot as his favorite! No more having to decide on sizing issues, or worrying if he’d actually use that fly fishing gadget that you’re considering.

On top of that we’ll be having some amazing in-store specials and door buster deals all weekend that Dad will want to take time out of his busy weekend to check out!