Simms Headwaters Wading Jacket Review

I recently had the opportunity to go out to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington to do some winter steelheading. After talking with my friend Chris who chases these fish religiously out there, he said it would be worth packing an extra rain jacket or two. He said that weather looked like a two jacket day out there. Meaning around lunch time it feels really good to change out of the soaked raincoat from the morning and into a nice dry coat to finish up the afternoon. I called up our local Simms representative, Michael White to see if I could borrow one of the new Headwaters Wading Jackets for the trip.

Sure enough, the first day we woke up to heavy wet snow, followed by rain, a touch of sun, then more rain. I never ended up changing out of the coat until the end of the day. Chris did his change out around 1 in the afternoon, but two layers of fresh gore-tex were enough to keep me dry and warm. The thin layer of micro fleece in the coat does not add much weight, but it does offer up additional warmth, which I could always use. The headwaters coat features a deep hood, deep enough to find a happy place during periods of really heavy rain. Fleece lined extra large pockets warmed the hands up enough to re-tie a few knots. What I really like about the coat is that the layout is very simple. There are not a million pockets for gear. I find that too many pockets just adds extra bulk. The coat keeps it simple, offering up great weather protection with breathability and the right amount of features.

Watch Simms rep Michael White run through the Headwaters features on YouTube.

For the money, $199.95 I don’t think that you could choose a better coat to stay warm and dry in any and all conditions. Read more about all the technical features of the Simms Headwaters Jacket here.

Get yours today and stop using that bright ski coat for spring, fall, and winter fishing.