Simplified Quill Body Flies

Hareline Dubbing recently introduced a synthetic body wrap material that simulates natural quills.  It’s tough, long, offered in half dozen colors (can be modified with a marker), and reasonably priced ($4.50).

The body needs to be coated with a varnish or a light cure acrylic (Clear Cure Goo, Bug Bond, or Loon Clear Finish) to hold the color and enhance durability.

Rob Kolanda did some experimentation with the Quill Body Wrap which can be seen in the above photo.  Click Here if you would like to see a slide show of the individual patterns.

In addition, there is a pretty good video on this product done by Curtis Fry

Stop in and pick up a package or two next time you’re in the shop or send us an email and let us know what colors you would like to get