Six Items We Wish Were Under Our Tree


Were you naughty or nice?

While we made some great memories with family and friends over the holidays, there were a few items that we had hoped to find under our tree so we could make more memories while fly fishing over the upcoming year. Here are some of our favorites!

Our Top 6

Fishpond Nomad El Jefe Net Umpqua Steamboat Sling Pack Hatch Professional Series Saltwater Tippet-25M
Built for the big boys we plan on catching this year.   Up-front access when you need it, out of the way when you don’t.   Want the best grade of fluorocarbon money can buy? This is it.
$199.95 $119.99 $22.00
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Fishpond Sushi Roll Ross Animas 5-6 Reel RepYourWater Brown Trout Knit Cap
The perfect way to keep large streamers and saltwater flies organized.   Beauty and reliability abound in this newest offering from Ross. Stealth Black in stock.   Keep your noggin warm in style.
$29.95 $250.00 $21.00
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Don’t forget about all of our clearance items too!

Did you get a FRA gift card for the holidays? Make it go further with awesome prices on clearance items from Fishpond, Simms, Winston and others!