Springtime Carpin’

With the busy life of a guide comes the sacrifice of rarely fishing with your best fishing buddies. Zach and I hadn’t gotten out on the water together since our first trip to Christmas Island back in December. However, Easter Sunday snuck up on us both as an opportunity to wet a line and see if we couldn’t find some Carp this early in the season. The weather has been so warm it seemed like the thing to do.

I met Zach mid Morning at Macintosh Lake. Visibility was absolutely terrible. After half a lap around we were ready to pack it up and try our next option. On the way back to the truck, in two feet of water right next the bank, Zach spotted the faint shadow of a giant. Though we didn’t entice that fish to eat, it trained our eyes to just how elusive these guys could be. At our next Location we would be ready to cast at the slightest sign of mudding.

Five minutes down the road we were back on the prowl, walking the perimeter of the pond; trading shots, and taking notes. Again the visibility was leaving a lot to be desired. We had a half dozen good shots that never panned out. Just as I was ready to suggest we trade the 6wts for 2wts and head up to Boulder Creek, I spotted something just darker than the water. To call it a shadow would be giving it too much credit. I rolled a cast out, landing close in at 18″ in front of it and the form moved in. The key here is to keep slack out of your system but not influence the fly unless you are intending to do so.

I felt the fly get sucked in, strip set, and we were off to the races! As Zach came running over we caught sight of the tail. This was a LARGE fish. After two or three freight-train-like runs we realized this big girl wasn’t going to be landed with ease. Zach tried to tail the monster a couple of times before he ran back to his truck for the large Fishpond Boat Net, a carp anglers best friend. The power these guys can produce late in the fight is astonishing, unlike anything else we have around here.Bryce-Carp-Spring-1

As run off begins here shortly, dust off that 7wt and hit your local warm water pond. Make an accurate cast, read the fish, and hold on! This year Zach and I will both be leading Guided Carp Trips to some of our favorite spots. We’ve picked up a lot of tricks over the years and are ready to happily share them.