Stagecoach Tailwater Report

Small Runs like this would hold about three to four fish. Farm a few out then move upstream. These fish were eager to take a fly even if the presentation was not “perfect”.

During lunch the entertainment was watching fish taking dries with regularity. At one point I think I saw four fish rising at once.

The last hour of light on the river made us start to really fish hard. Trying to get the last few fish of the day before the ride out, we really wanted to take advantage of the great weather.
Deep wading right below the damn. The coldest spot on the river.

Rigging up next to the sled, what a way to travel because of the lengthy hike in there was only one other person back there. A private tailwater, not too bad.

Your typical run, what was really fun about these fish was how the reacted to pressure. Fish through, catch a few, spook a few, wait 10 minutes and the run was fresh once again.

The product of great genetics.
Hook UP!
Fishing right below the damn, remember the feeding order. The big ones eat first.
A nice brookie to end the day.

And now watch the video…