Streamer Fishing Front Range Creeks

Frequently when I am fishing with friends or clients, I will make the recommendation to throw a streamer. All to often, I get the response, “I don’t have any of those”, or “I’ve never done that”. When these words are uttered by friends, they are promptly throat punched. This situation with clients is, of course, handled more diplomatically. Nonetheless, every angler worth his weight in split-shot should have a well stocked streamer box, and at the very least a handful of little back leeches. The water in our local creeks and rivers is finally coming down and fish can get aggressive under these conditions. If you were living on crackers and peanuts all winter, you would pounce on a T-bone steak too. Streamer fishing can be incredible throughout the summer, and these techniques can also save a tough day on the water. Next time you’re in the shop, peruse the “other” side of the fly bin. Tying on a big, meaty streamer can make you look at your local water with an entirely different perspective.

Tight Lines,
Patrick Knackendoffel
Front Range Anglers