Sunday Morning in Lyons

Fishing the Chubby again but the fish would bump it and slap at it but not take it.  However, the trailing nymph was another matter.  It was set up about 36 inches behind the Chubby.  I had tied up a few of these a few weeks ago because I thought they might prove worthwhile.

Hook: Dai Riki 060 (1X strong/1X long)
Thread: Laguarten 95 tan or brown
Body:  Uni Floss single strand in amber over wrapped with  copper UTC wire (no coating of any kind)
Bead: Montana Fly Black Nickel (tungsten would have been a better choice …. I had to use some small split shot to get it down deep enough in the current)
Hackle: Dark brown hen – 3 or 4 turns