Swimming Clousers

Some 12 years ago Brad Befus turned me on to Swimming Clousers. It’s his favorite Carp fly. If you don’t fish them you’re missing a good bet. This is my recipe which, as you might suspect, is different than Brad’s. You can find his approach in the book he wrote with Barry Reynolds, Carp on the Fly.

Hook: TMC 200R in size 8 weighed with wire on the front half
Thread: UTC 140 Black or Orange
Tail: Golden brown hares mask
Body: Wapsi Crawdub…color to suit. I’m partial to burnt orange, rusty brown, brown olive,and brick. Suggestion: Buy all 12 colors and mix the shades to get exactly what you want.

Wing Case: Flat black Diamond Braid folded over

Thorax: Brown hen hackle pulled over Wapsi Crawdub tied in using a dubbing loop (split the thread). As an alternative tighten up the thorax dubbing and palmer the hackle.

There are lots of different renditions of this pattern….click here for one I like.