The 1000 year rain – Restore the ‘Range and progress in the past year

September 11th is a historic day for many Americans, but it has taken on a new significance for many front range residents, following last year’s unprecedented floods. It was this evening one year ago that the skies opened up fully and the deluge began. Many are just starting to experience some sense of normalcy. So many were displaced, having their houses and lives swept away in a matter of hours.

I think most would agree that the community in general came together very well for the rebuilding process. One happy surprise for us was how engaged and generous the community was for our Nov. 8th Waypoints premiere. Along with the Greenbacks and TU, we created the Restore the ‘Range fund, of which 100% of the proceeds from the evening benefited. Through the three different simultaneous showings of Wapoints and other fund raising efforts, nearly $10,000 was raised. We wanted the monies raised to be earmarked for special clean-up and restoration projects that were going to be needed to restore habitat affected by the flooding.

After infrastructure was restored to a state where assessment could be safely completed, planning began and the projects began to take shape. We queried David Nickum, CTU’s executive director, and this is a summary of the Boulder-specific activities that are currently in process. A full article will be released by CTU in the near future, which will detail all of the activities being planned.

Boulder Flycasters, Boulder’s TU chapter, became active participants in leading the restoration projects from the very beginning. They identified three key projects that the money could be used for and were awarded $1000 of seed money for each. They will be rebuilding the Boulder community kids pond (which was breached during the flood), directing stream and channel improvements on Boulder Open Space property along South Boulder Creek, as well as additional improvements further upstream at Eldorado Canyon State Park. We’ll try to get a full update on their progress in the weeks ahead!