The Backstabber

We get a lot of inquiries on the Backstabber. This Carp fly pattern was created by Jay Zimmerman. In its rust color variation it can resemble a crayfish, in its Black color variation it can imitate a leech. Carp feed on a wide range of opportunistic prey species including, but not limited to; aquatic insects, terrestrial insects, leeches, crayfish, minnows and worms. Given their very wide pallet, fur and feather fly offerings are well in their appetite range as long as proper technique is used along with a reasonable life like appearance of the pattern. It was not so long ago that Carp flies did not exist so we have come a long way in a short period of time. Carp can be wary adversaries but this pattern is a proven winner with many a carp to its belt before it became a commercial success. This is not just a carp pattern as we have used it for Smallmouth as well as Redfish. It is commercially available at the shop.