The Colorado River is Never Safe!

I received this message this morning from my fishing partner concerning a mutual friend

“Dan Lowe called me yesterday.  A group of his fishing buddies, most of whom I have fished with, were floating the Silt to Rifle section of the Colorado on Saturday.  They had two drift boats one of which was Dan’s.  At the Rifle bridge, one boat took the shallow route around the bridge abutment and got stuck on gravel, the other boat took the current side of the abutment.  The drift boat got pushed against the abutment and high sided filling the boat with water and putting the three fishermen in the river.  One of the guys, a good friend of Dan’s, drowned and another nearly drowned.  They haven’t found the guy’s body yet.  Dan’s boat is still on the bottom of the Colorado near the Rifle take out.  The guy that nearly drowned said the current pushed him up against the concrete wall of the abutment, nearly sixty feet long, and held him until he found the bottom and was able to push off to the surface.  They suspended the search for the drowned fisherman yesterday.”

Be careful out there!