The Contrast of Colors

The white flakes float and fall on the creek. You can feel your fingers crack and tighten as you tie a fly to your line. The ice is creeping in on your favorite hole, and you know the same will soon happen to your guides. You remember your indicator but your fingers don’t feel the same anymore. You’re finally set up, but you don’t cast.
You stop and take a look at the beauty and splendor of this ice-capped creek as it tip toes through the snow. You take a deep breath of the cold mountain air and roll a cast into a familiar spot. You mend, even though your fingers resemble the icicles forming on the tree branch next to you.
Then it happens. Your indicator goes down and your rod is given life. You slowly bring a colorful Brown Trout to your hand as you forget about the cold. The contrast of the colors make it all worth the trip up the canyon. To see the browns, yellows, and reds against the radiant white background makes you feel the ever so familiar tingle. You gently remove the hook and watch her slowly slip away. Something inside of you snaps and you begin to smile.
Boulder Creek is fishing well. So, battle the elements and get out there!