The Death of a Legend-Photo Essay

Memories, this boat caught me tons of fish got me to remote places and I loved it. It took me down the Colorado, the Green, San Juan, Platte and too many other creeks and lakes to list. When the winds picked up on the lakes of South Park the canoe beat back the waves as I continued to fish, even during the darkest nights the boat knew its way around probing the darkest and best spots. I miss the canoe, never before had I invested so much into what most considered a dying boat, but she was my boat. She was my escape, fish finder, powerhouse, playhouse and workhorse boat. All these things beat into one large piece of aluminum. I left her dead on the shore of the water, ripped in half, useless like horse with no legs. Unable to remove the vessel, my only hope is that some one finds her, patches the holes and continues to use her, because she has entered a new phase in her life, a better phase.
Note: A fund has been taken up for a new boat to continue the legend.