The Ice Pick Fly

Rich Strolis’s Ice Pick fly is still one of my favorite streamers that I seem to always come back to. Rich developed the Ice Pick streamer with the famous New Zealand Zonker in mind. This fly can be assembled as a standard, single hook streamer, an articulated single hook version (using Flyman’s articulated shank) and as a two hook articulated version.

The key element in this design is the Fish_SkullFish Skull from Flymen Fishing Company. It’s a weighted baitfish head available in multiple colors that provides a form fitting, realistic baitfish profile. It offers fishermen an exciting alternative to using dumbbells or cones to weight their flies. The weight of these heads is roughly the same as an equivalent hook size dumbbell eye. They come in four sizes to fit hooks from size 8 to 4/0. The unique design places the center of gravity and 70% of the weight of the head slightly below the hook shank producing a “keeling” effect similar to a dumbbell, and can be tied in so the hook rides down or up. The 3-D eyes included in the package functions as a “trigger point” for predatory game fish. The head fits onto the hook shank in a way that enhances the freedom of movement of natural and/or synthetic materials.

The body is formed with an EP Sparkle Brush (a combination of synthetic materials encased in a wire brush from Enrico Pluglusi). An alternative is to make your own brush using holographic Ice Dub and other materials like Senyo’s Shaggy Dub (this is how the body was made on the first generation of these flies). Another important component is the collar made from Senyo’s Lazer Yarn, made from a mix of Ice Dub and acrylic fiber.

The glass beads and wire (Beadalon sz.19) used in the articulated version can be secured at a variety of hobby or craft stores such as Hobby Lobby, Michaels, etc.