The Importance of Good Fishing Sunglasses

FRA Field Staff Member Danny with a recent write up on the importance of a good pair of fishing sunglasses.  I think he sums it up very nicely.

“A quality pair of fishing sunglasses is an essential tool for any fly fisherman. I remember teaching my girlfriend how to fly fish (warning: proceed with caution) and after hours of frustration, sloppy drifts, and missed strikes, I replaced her gas station glasses with my tried and true Smith’s…Fish on!

Of all the variables in fly fishing, the easiest to control is your vision. Consider your lens choice as important as fly selection. Smith’s product range can be overwhelming but my favorite for years has been the Ignitor Mirror lens which comes with Polarchromatic technology. This feature, included on many of their lens tints, will automatically change in varying light conditions so your shade is always ideal for spotting fish. You will also notice most Smith lenses come with what they call “Chromapop.” From what I understand it sciences the light wavelengths that reach your eye to give you greater definition and clarity of vision. The Copper as well as the Bronze lens tint is often recommended for bright, sunny shade-less days on the water.  As for lens material, consider the Techlite glass which is scratch-resistant and lightweight, a big plus for how often you will wear these shades.

With the wealth of complex technology in the sunglasses market, I’ve found the features provided by Smith will give you a glare-free day of fishing whether you’re in blizzard or blue-bird skies. There’s a million options and I’ve only just scratched the surface here, check out the FRA site or shop to peruse your best options for Smith fishing lenses.  FRA has a comprehensive stock of Smith glasses, so they can surely find a glass and lense that fits your needs.”


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