The Loch – Rocky Mountain National Park 8-20-11

The season of the high country is coming to an end, quickly.

Since the weather in Boulder was so nice last weekend a group of friends and I decided to take a hike and try our hand at a little fishing. The Loch in Glacier Gorge was our destination and a few greenbacks were our target. As soon as we popped out of the car at Bear Lake Trailhead, it was apparent the season had moved from fall in Boulder to winter in the high country.

These beautiful flats that are typically full of cruising greenies were barren.

The hike was beautiful and the Loch was no exception. The wind was up, blowing about 10-20 miles an hour and it was cold. The back third of the lake had a layer of ice on it that looked thick enough to walk on. We decided that we would not stay long and only strung up one rod between the three of us. I took the first turn on the rod and managed a fish on a small (sz 16) black streamer in a few casts. After getting my hands wet I was done.

A greenback denies a streamer, too big he thinks to himself. We downsized and took this guy a few casts later.

We fished a bit more with only one more follow, before we were all chilled to the bone. After the big snow that we had the last few days I can only imagine that the fishing has shut off. Im glad I got what might be my last greenback for the season and a whole lot of good views!

Gear up for the cold weather, because its here.


A short video of the Loch in late October.