The Mothers Day Caddis Hatch Fast Approaching

The “Mothers Day Caddis” hatch is going to be here soon. This emerger pattern served me and others well last year in the Roaring Fork Valley area watersheds. You might want to give it a try. As you well know this “storied” hatch can begin at any time from the first week in April to the last week in May depending on the weather and/or watershed. I am not aware of any commerically tied pattern like this other than Tim Fox’s “Poopah”. This pattern is an adaptaion of the “Poopah”. For giggles and grins tie some up using other colored abdomens using your San Juan Worm materials. Remember ther are no “Fly Tying Police” at this time!

For the pattern recipe and/or tying instructions click on “LoJ’s Fly Tying & Bug Stuff” in the LINKS OF INTEREST Section on this blog page.